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believe in the credit, the pursuit of credibility, honesty. For customers, for partners, for the investor, with credit, credit and sincere respect, get support; For colleagues, for employees, for human resources, to honesty, responsibility, and performance of agglomeration energy, obtained approval. Advocate be honest, sincere, sincerity. Respect people, understand people, care people, transformer, voltage regulator, voltage regulator, and other products, the good faith management, is the aim of the xin centec.

solidarity, open communication, sincere cooperation. Enterprise is an organic whole. Internally, among employees, between departments, between higher and lower levels to target is unified, coordinated, support each other, unite as one, fully stimulate group wisdom and strength, keep the enterprise internal operation and orderly, the benign interaction. Abroad, must have enough ability to change system, work together with more open and sincere attitude, and seeks the development.

advocating learning, the bold exploration, first. First have to take learning as a book, the base of continuous innovation, to integrate advanced. Through diligent solid individual and team learning, change the way thinking, innovative ideas; Second, encourage innovation, tolerate failure, relax and optimize the environment of innovation; Third, to reflect on, dares to breakthrough, continuous improvement, constantly improve, the pursuit of perfection.

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