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Product Details

Active vibration isolation devices include active dampers, controllers, connectors, signal lines, controller/regulator combinations, and accessory assemblies. The active vibration isolation device is suitable for vibration isolation of precision instruments. The active vibration-removing device can fully attenuate the fine vibration of the installation site that affects the normal operation of the instrument and equipment in all frequency ranges without degrading the performance of the instrument itself. The active vibration-removing device adopts air (low frequency) and linear actuator (high frequency) structure to realize vibration attenuation, and meets the strict requirements of the precision equipment for setting environment.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 1370 (W) × 2100 (D) × 360 (H) mm

Total weight: 2410kg

Maximum load weight: 1600kg

Control system: 6-degree-of-freedom feedback + feedforward control dual active control system

Product appearance

Application example

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