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Product Details

The NanoSprint 1200 is a 12 megapixel camera system for wide-angle side mount, low mount and medium mount TEM positions. Given their combination of speed and sensitivity, their key applications are in biology and materials science, which are used to study imaging and diffraction through SAD and CBED. The camera's high speed and sensitivity make it suitable for both traditional sample parts and low temperature related research. Suitable for stable bottoms in TEM or side mounting, all electronic components of this sCMOS CCD are mounted outside the vacuum system of the TEM, so the NanoSprint 1200 is highly stable and virtually trouble free; at the same time providing high speed, High sensitivity, low noise, and best image quality and fast photography in real time.

Technical specifications

1. field of vision: 28× 21 mm 2
2. resolution: 1200 w pixels ( 4k× 3k pixels, 3.45× 3.45 um2 )
3. fastest reading speed: 55 fps
4. dynamic range: 16 bit, 4500: 1 / 12 bit
5. scintillator type: p43
6. readout noise: 2.3 e - / pixel

Product appearance

Application example

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